Primatorky 2022
2024 - 111. ročník

Tradiční veslařské souboje na Vltavě proběhnou od pátku 31. 5. 2024 do neděle 2. 6. 2024. Pořadateli jsou: Magistrát hl. m. Prahy, Český veslařský svaz, Pražský veslařský svaz. Z veslařských klubů se podílí na pořadatelství: VK Smíchov, VK Blesk, ČVK Praha, VK Bohemians, VK Slavia Praha.





No entry fee is collected from the registered crews, except for the MASTERS category, where deposits are 100 CZK per slide. Penalty deposits, if any, for failure to appear at the start are collected in all categories at double the amount of the championship rowing races.

The entire programme of races is open to registered CVS competitors and crews of foreign clubs.

In the youth races (No. 1, 2) the minimum age of the coxswain is prescribed to be 16 years (reached during 2024). Advancement keys for youth races, taking into account the maximum number of allowed starts in one race day, will be annexed to the timetable. There will be no B final in these races.

If a club enters more than 8 (16, 24) competitors in an eight-man race (excluding Masters races), it must first form club crews without a community. The remaining competitors may then be entered into the community. If a club enters fewer than 8 competitors in a given category, it may only enter them in one community from a maximum of 2 clubs. When more than one clean club boat starts, at least one of the boats must include a coxman from the same club.

The eight Masters races (Nos. 3 and 4) will be run as split races on Saturday 1 June 2024. The division into individual heats will be made by a representative of the Masters Committee prior to the draw. Additional entries and changes in Masters crews that result in a change in age category are only allowed until the division presentation and prior to the meeting of the representatives so that the final division into categories and heats can be announced at the meeting. Additional entries are only possible if the entry field is not full and after consultation with the Masters Committee representative prior to the Troop Presentation. Crew change after the presentation is possible only within the entered category, older competitor may start in the younger category, vice versa is not possible.

In the women's eight-mile and skiff races, junior women may compete, but only in one of these races. The best crew meeting the age criteria of the junior category will be awarded in the 8+ W race.

The heats, corrective heats and possible semi-finals will take place on Saturday 1 June 2024. The time order and the advancement keys including the seeding of the courses will be attached to the minutes of the draw. Should weather conditions prevent the holding of the corrective heats or semi-finals, the advancement to the final heats will be according to the absolute times achieved in the heats, even in the case of so-called free starts. The B final will be held on Sunday 2 June 2024 always before the start of the respective A final, provided that at least eight boats participate in that race. The order of sixth place in the event of seven boats participating will be determined by the result of the corrective race.

Winners will be presented with medals and photos of the traveling prizes.

The entire race program is held under sailing conditions. Competitors must comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Transport Decree No. 67/2015 on the rules of navigation and the conditions set out in the decision of the State Navigation Administration Prague (SPS Praha).
After crossing the finish line, the race boats return upstream exclusively along the left bank of the Vltava River, only crews landing for decoration may go along the right bank in the finish area. The right bank fairway is otherwise reserved for other vessels. The exact method of sailing will be published in the organiser's instructions immediately after the decision of the SPS Praha and will be binding for the regatta participants.

It is forbidden to accompany boats with coaches during races, from the beginning to the end of the block of races. The motor boats of the organizing body must be reported in advance to the State Navigation Administration and clearly marked (see Organizer's Instructions). Only these boats have access to the race area to perform their assigned duties.

All crews competing in the A Final will start with stickers on the sides of their boats provided by the organizing authority.

Boats designated by the organizer will be equipped with a video transmission device (TV camera). In this case, the other boats in the same heat will be obliged to be equipped with an additional weighting device corresponding to the weight of the transmission device; the additional weighting devices and their distribution to the boats concerned will be provided by the organiser.

The organizer reserves the right not to accept an entry for the next regatta from a club whose members grossly violate the rules of the CSC, the organizer's instructions or the sailing regulations of this regatta.

The SHORT-TERM RACER HOSTING provision will apply to this regatta.

Short-term guesting of competitors applies only to competitors who are enrolled in sports training at the resort sports centers.
Short-term guesting allows competitors to participate in a regatta for their original home club, i.e. the club from which the transfer was made to the club where the competitor is enrolled in the resort sports centre.

The registration of the competitors concerned will be done by the current club. The current club hereby agrees to the athlete's participation in the event for the original parent club.
For these competitors, the change of crew rule cannot be used, i.e. the competitor cannot become a new crew member following a submitted change of crew.

In the start and result lists, competitors will be listed for their parent club.

With the exception of race 3 8+mM and race 4 8+mM it is not allowed to have a Czech and a foreign club.

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